Planning tool for dispatchers

Planning tool for dispatchers



The Odyssee Field Service planning board is especially user-friendly. It gives you a clear overview of the availability of your service teams and even allows you to group them by region. You can move jobs and plan them in with a single click of the mouse (drag and drop). Thanks to geolocation, you can even call up a map to visually find and assign a technician who is in the neighborhood should an unexpected change or an extra assignment suddenly appear. The planning board also warns you if there are other jobs still open in the neighborhood of an open intervention. This will save you time and money.

Plan every job, as simple or complex as it may be


One assignment at a single location can still involve several different jobs. The Odyssee Planning board gives you the freedom to plan or group separate jobs together. You decide whether you would like to allocate different technicians to a job (a multi-technician job) or whether you would prefer to have a single technician take care of multiple jobs (multi-jobs). The possibilities are endless. But thanks to the user-friendly interface, you always maintain a clear overview.

The best specialist for every job


Does a job require specific skills from your technical crew? When you plan it, the planning board will automatically warn you if the necessary skills are not present. 

One technician, an ad hoc crew or fixed teams? 


The planning tool gives you more than flexibility when it comes to your jobs and assignments. You can also allocate a single technician, a specially composed team or a fixed team to a specific assignment. You’ll be sure your team has the know-how needed to complete a job to the highest standards. And because the team leader uses the app to collect and group the hours worked by the entire team, invoicing and salaries are transparent and correct. 

What unavailability?


The planning phase is a huge crossroads where everything comes together. You need to be able to check who is available and who isn’t at any given time of day. And fill in the hours and days a technician works. Register who is on vacation or absent and who is on call for the weekend. This will ensure all your planning is accurate and free from faults. Of course, it’s also possible to call on a technician if an urgent job requires calling him back from a day off.


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Question? You want to know more?

Question? You want to know more?


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