Parts and equipment management


You’ll never be missing the right parts again! 

If you don’t bring the right parts to the job site, you end up wasting time. You’ll also find unfinished jobs glaring up at you from your planning sheets. But in the Odyssee Service Cockpit, the person preparing the job can create a warning. This allows the technical crew to pick up the right parts and the necessary equipment before they head to the job site.

On-the-spot material management

What could be easier than immediately transferring or reordering parts? While on the job, the technician simply uses the mobile app to record the parts used or to order the new materials that are required. This info is the cornerstone of good stock and supply management for parts and materials. Thanks to this data, you’ll have no problem monitoring and replenishing storage posts such as vehicles, client locations or your own warehouse. You’ll never find yourself without the parts you need. And because Odyssee immediately registers for which job certain parts and materials are being used , it appears on your invoicing just as quickly. 

Order directly from the work site

Does a new replacement part need to be ordered? With the Odyssee app, you save your staff members a great deal of unnecessary work. The technician can order a part and even pick it up from a shop or supplier in the neighborhood. It can even be done from the supplier’s e-shop. All the information is processed by your ERP and/or bookkeeping program so that your stock management and records of hours worked stay up to date in real time. 

Turn your external service personnel into salespeople 

Unplanned situation can occur at any time. While performing preventative maintenance, it may clear to your technician that a specific part in your client’s installation needs to be replaced to prevent problems in the future. But this is not the long and drawn-out process it once was! At least not if your technician can immediately give a price indication, close the sale and install the replacement part. If a larger sale is being discussed, it’s simple for the technician to inform his internal services or sales representatives about the situation through the application. 


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Question? You want to know more?


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