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You expect a partnership to provide opportunities. For regular income. For extra consultancy. And for business expansion. 

With Odyssee field service management cloud software, you can experience all that and more. The software is designed to meet the needs of installation and maintenance technicians, field workers in the residential services and healthcare industries, and virtually anyone else who finds themselves on the road doing maintenance and repair. 

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Recurrent income


Recurrent income? The opportunity to put smiles on faces? And provide high-quality customer service? 

Odyssee field service management software is only possible when skilled and experienced front-line consultants and account managers are involved. Which is where you come in. 


As a partner, you own the base engagement model. You manage and optimise the customer experience, providing support in the set-up stage, then training and ERP integration. 


The Odyssee field service management software itself? 

It’s designed for technicians, field engineers, sales people and anyone who find themselves on the road. Whatever the industry. 

It automates or simplifies administrative tasks, cuts costs, streamlines processes, records customer signatures, takes care of timesheets, provides up-to-date catalogues and stock inventories, and even interfaces with ERP systems. 


In short? It makes it easier for clients to work from on the road. They turn to you for consultancy or support. 

You ensure the Odyssee experience is perfectly customised to their needs. And you benefit from the revenue. Indefinitely. 

It all starts when you contact us. And we are ready to hear from you right now!


Question? You want to know more?

Question? You want to know more?


As a senior field service expert, I'm happy to help you out with any questions on field service automation or on the Odyssee Mobile Solution.

We have a preconfigured solution for Start ups and small business up to 25 technicians and a powerful and flexible solution for larger organisations up to 500 licenses.


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