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Installation and Maintenance

 You keep installations in peak condition. So do your competitors. The difference between you? The quality of your service. Odyssee field service management software was designed to handle your maintenance and repair jobs on installations as well as possible for your technicians, your clients and you. Fast, organised reliable field techs, who have all the information they need at their fingertips, will always provide the service that puts a smile on clients’ faces.

Inspection and Safety

 Inspections need to be carried out on time. They need to meet quality demands and budget restraints. They have to follow established procedures. And once collected, information needs to be collated and analysed. It’s not easy. Which is why we developed Odyssee field service management software.

Residential Services

If your competitors are good? You need to be better. If they’re fast? You need to be faster. How? With field service management software with integrated dispatching. From maintenance on HVAC installations, carpet cleaning or swimming pool services, our end-to-end field service solution will meet your needs. Wherever your clients need you.


 In manufacturing, a defective installation costs time. And wastes money. It’s why you need to provide high-quality after-sales service. Why you need to know exactly what needs to be done. And do it on time. Odyssee field service management software doesn’t just keep you a step ahead. It also keeps the wheels turning.

Medical Supplies

 When lives are on the line, only the best is good enough. Fast dispatching. Accurate work instructions. Professional business practices. And complete reliability. Every time.

Energy and Utilities

 Your customers want the best. And you want them to find it with you. Ensure you provide the best quality services. Punctual. Quick. Efficient. And completely professional. How? With automated dispatching and scheduling. Accurate spare parts management. Instant service overviews. In other words? With Odyssee field service management software.

Question? You want to know more?

Question? You want to know more?


As a senior field service expert, I'm happy to help you out with any questions on field service automation or on the Odyssee Mobile Solution.

We have a preconfigured solution for Start ups and small business up to 25 technicians and a powerful and flexible solution for larger organisations up to 500 licenses.


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