About Odyssee

Odyssee Mobile is a software company specialized in Field Force Automation solutions for Sales and Service Teams. Odyssee Mobile is located in Brussels (just next to the South station) and active in the Benelux, Germany & France.

Our mission is to help mobile teams improve productivity, communicate efficiently and boost turn-over.

Some of our customers : BAM Group, Samsonite Europe, Veolia, Ista, Otolift, Demtec, AEW Security, Van Den Briele, KWB, VMI Engineering, …

Spread Your Wings

A fun marketing slogan. And our philosophy. As a company in a highly competitive market, Odyssee has had to spread its wings by constantly working and investing in new developments. We want our external service automation applications to be at the cutting edge. Being part of an ever-evolving platform means we always need to push our limits and discovering new possibilities to do so. 
It isn’t just about us. We also want to see you spread your wings. With our software you can equip your team with the best external service automation solution there is. And relax. Because our external service automation solution allows you to monitor your team while they go about their business. You can rest assured in the knowledge that they have every tool necessary while they’re in the field. 

Question? You want to know more?

Question? You want to know more?


As a senior field service expert, I'm happy to help you out with any questions on field service automation or on the Odyssee Mobile Solution.

We have a preconfigured solution for Start ups and small business up to 25 technicians and a powerful and flexible solution for larger organisations up to 500 licenses.


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