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Learn how to prepare, implement and roll out an Odyssee Mobile project. Discover how you can service your internal users and take full advantage of your field force automation by managing your available data.  

All modules are open for both technical and non-technical profiles. However, all modules are very specific to provide you with hands-on skills that you can use when going back to the office.  


  • All modules are 1000 euro (with up to 10 attendants). If a project is signed, you pay only 500 euro. Most modules take half a day.
  • Participants who acquire specific skills can participate to an exam to get certificated. Please contact us for more information.
  • Some of these modules are not Odyssee software specific. Module A and F are interesting for anyone who wants to set up a field force automation project, regardless of the software used.  
  • All Odyssee Academy courses taught in English or in Dutch.


Choose one or more courses and select the right date for you!


MODULE A: Best practices for a Field Service project management and roll out

MODULE B: How to configure Odyssee Service

MODULE C: How to integrate using the Odyssee API? 

MODULE D: How to secure a second line helpdesk?

MODULE E: How to get the best out of the planning tool? 

MODULE F: How to use dashboards 

MODULE G: How to make the business case for a service project with your stakeholders

MODULE H: How to create new dashboards 




Question? You want to know more?

Question? You want to know more?


As a senior field service expert, I'm happy to help you out with any questions on field service automation or on the Odyssee Mobile Solution.

We have a preconfigured solution for Start ups and small business up to 25 technicians and a powerful and flexible solution for larger organisations up to 500 licenses.


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